Baobab Safaris Namibia

Baobab Safaris Namibia


Our farm is located in the North-Eastern part of Namibia, surrounded by the breath-taking vastness of the African savannah dotted with palms. Baobab is a paradise for hunters, nature enthusiasts and those looking to discover the unique beauty of the country and enjoy its wonderful tranquillity. It is a typically Namibian game farm with everything associated with game farming.

On the Baobab Hunting Safaris(Game Ranch) you can hunt various species of plains game on a total area of approximately 12,000 acres. At Baobab we hunt in accordance with the principles of responsible and ethical hunting. High quality and individuality when it comes to hunting is particularly important to us. We want to preserve the magnificent environment for the future through selective game management. These efforts are reflected in the extraordinary and beautiful trophy hunting experiences.

Bow Hunting: Bow hunting is conducted primarily on our own hunting ranch which covers an area of 13 000 acres.
Although stalking is possible on some species, most bow hunting is done from blinds, overlooking water holes. We have a total of nine bow hunting blinds (three pit and six elevated) as well as a couple of tree stands.

Gun Hunting: Gun hunting area covers an excess of 30 000 acres. Gun hunting is done on foot by tracking and spot and stalk. Shots are very seldom further than hundred yards!
Individualized Photo Tours can also be undertaken prior or after the hunt. Please contact us for more information.

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